This morning I woke up with this idea: in 2017 I want to take care of myself and realize what I want. I took a glass jar and  , I cut them into small rectangles, and I wrote some things that make me happy: walking in the woods, make a cake, listening to Cat Power, etc … things simple and fairly straightforward.




I didn’t write the Good Intentions that, like every year, I not will realize but I wrote the things that make me happy. I filled the jar, I shaked well and I decided to open it once a week where I’ll realize something just for me. And I like the idea of not knowing what I’ll do and pull out one of the cards randomly, it’s like getting a gift 🙂

Make a Wish  La Mandragola

Flavia liked the idea and decided to do this “”Make a wish jar” so nicer than mine; you can download here for free


And you? What wishes do you have for 2017?

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