Time ago I read David Lynch’s book “Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity” and I thought of where the ideas and inspiration came from. For me and for “La Mandragola” is a tangible place: the mountain and its forest. Fortunately I live in  Loro Ciuffenna surrounded by woods and one of the highest mountains in the Apennines, Pratomagno.


Here time flowing in a different way, the nature called the breaks and sudden accelerations that we have to adjust. When we enter into the forest we have the feeling of entering a place and a time that is not ours.

As time passes, the perception of time changes: the sounds and the rhythm of the pass dilate it and make it more muffled. This allows me to immerse myself more and more in thoughts and to explore them.

When I walk I can enter into “deep waters” and it’s time when ideas come out, from the most absurd to the wonderful ones. The mountain and the forest are full of stories. As I walk, I come across it constantly: the story of the Australian pilot who in the 1920s wanted to go around the world and instead ended tragically here; the ruins of the medieval castle and its hidden treasure; the remains of the church of S.Trinita in the middle of the thickest forest; the sword in the stone on the ridge of Pratomagno. Remote and present times blend in the quiet that only the forest can give.

Forest and mountain are extremely creative places. To live them fully we need to adapt: ​​to carry a few things and think of all the ways to use them, to be prepared for unexpected situations like the climate that suddenly changes; learn to observe the forest and the surrounding scenery so that you can not find yourself in unpleasant surprises like unexpected branches, broken trails, and unpredictable altitudes.

Few things but essential, finding new uses and aspects to the objects around us, adapting to the changes, and carefully watching what surrounds us are the things I learned while walking in the mountains.

These are the places where we take inspiration for our books and projects. And what are yours?


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