Today is the Autumn Equinox (as google reminds us with this delightful doodle). Officially begins the season of woodland walks, hot chocolate, picking chestnuts, the fireplace with crackling fire.

autumn witch

This summer I and Flavia have thought  the founding themes of our books and objects for La Mandragola. The name is already a clear magical reference. Those who have read Harry Potter knows what I mean: P and those who are are passionate about esotericism and magic arts know that mandrake  is considered a plant with strong magic symbolism. It’s for both its anthropomorphic aspect and its alleged virtues. In addition to the name of the magic and witches they have always been part of our imagination and an example is one of our most popular ring: Book of Shadows Ring.

witch essentials etsy postcard la mandragola

Autumn is my favorite season. The moment that I like more of an autumn day is early morning and sunset: the air is suspended and magical. The suspended time and magical elements are what Flavia drew in these first 6 postcards.

winter witch etsy postcard la mandragola

Over the next few days you will find these postcards in our shop on Etsy along with new books with these patterns.



I will publish more previews on our Instagram profile. See you there! 🙂

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